I am Heloisa Kinder, pronounced Eh-lo-ee-za. You can call me Helô (Eh-loh). I am Brazilian, and I have lived in California for more than half of my life. I am an Instructional Designer/Web Developer/Graphic Designer.

My background and skill set enable me to work on both front and back end projects. I have developed online stores, websites, print materials, e-books, instructional and marketing videos, illustrations, and online courses.

I received a masters degree in Instructional Design from San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA.

I have a special interest in typography and its impact on the web-user experience. I am an avid zentangler, a photography enthusiast, a Guido (my dog) lover, yoga practitioner, and always motivated to take on new and creative projects.

I currently work for UC Davis, in Davis, CA, in the capacity of an Instructional Designer and web developer. I develop online training for different systems used by the UC Davis employees and students.

I am also responsible for a variety of department websites. Last year, one of my  projects was to develop a web portal merging 17 independent websites into one. The portal has been up and running since July 2015.

Previous to UC Davis, I worked for Cedaron Medical, a software company specializing in applications for the physical rehabilitation market. At Cedaron, I developed the training suite (17 modules) for their Connect application. I also managed their website, and worked on different graphic products ranging form brochures to promotional materials for conferences.

Occasionally I take on side-projects. I am currently working on an app that will extend the content of a book by providing podcasts, videos and more reading material.

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